Selling with us

At Antony Cribb we offer a fully insured collection service and promise to deliver the most professional research, cataloguing and promotion available whether you are considering selling a single item or a lifetimes collection.
Years of experience cataloguing Arms and Armour Auctions will ensure your consignment is accurately researched, professionally and honestly catalogued and referenced.
The importance of high quality photography backed up with multiple images will ensure your entry is given maximum exposure via the website
This international, keyword based catalogue promotion website will ensure that your consignment is known about all over the world. Backing up this world wide promotion is their live bidding platform which means that buyers from Russia, China, Australia, New Zealand and indeed any country you care to mention will be bidding directly against their fellow collectors in the auction room via the internet.
At Antony Cribb we also offer the most competitive rates available and you will notice there is no small print concealing extra charges. That is because there are none. No unsold charges, No insurance charges, No catalogue illustration fees, no Web illustration fees. The only charge is the commission. 15% plus VAT. Unless you have a significant individual piece or significantly sized collection, then you can call me on 01635 47979 to discuss a commission rate tailored to reflect your consignment.

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